Replica Edge Connector Clamp Cards - GOLD plated, Silver Solder Available. Shipping Included.
Ask about bulk orders of 100 or more for your saber runs. Bulk orders get the name of your company/title of your run on the edge of the card

A: ESB Plain
B: ESB Silver Soldered

C: ROTJV2 Plain
D: ROTJV2 Silver Soldered

E: ESB Side A Plain
F: ESB Side A Silver Soldered

G: ESB Side B Plain
H: ESB Side B Silver Soldered
I: ROTSA / ROTSO Gold Plated, Black Soldermask

J: ROTJ Hero / Stunt: Bare copper, black soldermask

K: TFA Lefthand Trace: 1sided board no solder

Order below: BOLD indicates most screen accurate version

A/B/C/D:ROTJV2/ESB Clamp Cards:
ESB on one side, ROTJV2 on the other

Plain - Gold plated, no silver solder: $21
Silver Solder on ESB side: $26
Silver Solder on ROTJV2 side: $30
Silver Solder on both sides: $34

Temporarily out of stock or very low numbers.
Please email me to be alerted when new stock comes in -

E/F/G/H: ESBA/ESBB Clamp Cards:
Thick traces on one side, Thin traces on the other

Plain - Gold plated, no silver solder: $21
Silver Solder on ESB Side A: $26
Silver Solder on ESB Side B: $26

Silver Solder on both sides: $32

Silver Solder / Polish Option

I: ROTSA/ROTSO Clamp Card: $25
ROTS Anakin on one side, ROTS Obi on the other
Gold plated & black soldermask on both sides


J: ROTJ Hero & Stunt Clamp Card: $20
ROTJ Hero on one side, ROTJ Stunt on the other
Bare copper & black soldermask on both sides

K:TFA Lefthand Trace One-sided Clamp Cards: $20
Gold plated traces, opposite side is blank

Please allow up to seven to ten working days to get your order shipped. I solder these by hand, and have experienced an unprecedented amount of orders for these. Thank you for your patience!

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BioWare's The Old Republic lightsaber assembly ( I made the pieces in the cinematic to match my ANH Graflex internals.)

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