The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker Graflex Lightsaber
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Well, the other day, I was digging through my junk bin and ran across this Sun microsystems PCboard from 1984. I had salvaged this and several other like it from an old auto diagnostic machine they threw out at the auto shop in high school. Meaning, I have been hanging on to this since 1993. Not sure why, but I am glad I did, because this particular PC board had the required wide connection strips that would put 13 evenly spaced in my graflex clamp. The original prop had a section of PC board from a Hewlett Packard I/O BUS card with these wide strips tapering to thin narrow traces. The original had them tapering straight. This card, unfortunately doesn't have straight traces coming off the connector points, but it will do untill I find another one, and best of all, it is free!

A quick visit to Dremel Land and I have the required 13 strips cut out. I know the original didn't have the green soldermask silkscreened onto it, but this will work for now, like I say.

And here it is installed, next to the licensed Master Replicas scaled version of this saber. I am pretty darned close...

But, not content with my haphazard bus board, I just sent off designs for the most accurate HP44 bus board replica I could make, and got them back from China today!

These have the slightly offset thin trace, coming from a rounded transition section, as well as the diagonal traces on the back, leading to round traces.

The original part used... (image courtesy of Parts of Starwars)

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