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I had my buddy Phillip Wise cut me a socket mounting plate out of plastic with his laser cutter. Once I had some B-13B sockets attached from ebay, I realized an Adafruit Neopixel module would fit JUST perfectly between the tube leads, and line up with the holes provided on the tube socket for LEDs. What luck!

The setup seems to work flawlessly. I can't stress how happy I am with the luck of having the spacing of the neopixel unit work inside the tube socket like it does.

After some tests, I believe they will look great. Being able to individually address and program these RGB LEDs will offer some neat possibilities for the backlights on my tubes. Anything from weather indication to stocks, or whatever I feel like programming them to display in real time.

The multiplexed wiring harness finally done. Instead of wiring each cathode to the driver board, since they are multiplexed, I just bridge them from tube to tube in the same array. Makes for much less wire, and much easier assembly.

The 16mm vandal switches I will be using for Set and Dim get their own paracord wrap to keep things clean on the inside...

As well as paracord wrap throughout the internal wiring, at least as much as I can get in there. I think this is one of the cleanest wiring jobs I've done. Above you can see the bridged multiplexing harness for all the tube connections.

I've decided to use the RGB backlights to display weather conditions local to my zip code at this point in the build, and so I've downloaded the code for the electric imp to support that feature.

A test assembly before I finalize the box, everything seems to fit and work well. Green means it's around 70 degrees outside.

Now that the box has sat for a while and cured, I'll make sure I don't need to scrape it again, and put a few coats of polyurethan on it.

By now, it's cold outside, as is evidenced by the dark blue/purple backlights.

The box really turned out nice, and my family has gotten so used to having weatherclock show them the outside conditions, they really miss it when I have it down for maintenance or work. Which shouldn't happen much anymore as this project is more or less complete.


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