The Old Republic Consular Double Bladed Lightsaber
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Today's work involved the connection point between the two sabers, and where my speakers mount. Two birds with one ... drill bit.

Here is a sketch or two of how I think it will come together.

This sketch is about the connector tube and latch. The slots on the main saber pieces will be the soundport holes.

I cleaned off the extra metal I left for the middle section, and decided how I wanted to attach the two sabers together.

Here I have carved out enough space for the speaker and connector tube, and far enough back that the tube has enough purchase on the saber ends that it will be sturdy.

The speaker slides right in, on either side of the connector tube. I had to carefully mate each side of the connector tube with each saber section, for a snug fit with no rattle.

You can see here that the connector tube butts up against the rim of the speaker, and will on both sides. Should make for an interesting resonance chamber.

Now the middle is shaping up to be much more like the render. I will run over to the hardware store and get some stainless hex bolts to begin my latch.

Ogh. my acking self. After several hours with the hacksaw, turning my lathe into a makeshift mill by chucking up an endmill bit and clamping my aluminum blank into the toolpost to make long straight cuts using the lathe bed.... ONE DOWN.

More or less. I have left it a bit rough so that when I get the other five to this point I can clamp them all together and shave them all down to a uniform and consistent shape. I also drilled and tapped the back for 6-32 threads for my connection points back to the main hilt. The emitter tip has a groove cut into it to allow the fin to clamp against the main emitter can with a small hook cut into the fin tip.

Mental note. Find some way of obtaining a mill. Or a friend with a mill.


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