The Old Republic Consular Double Bladed Lightsaber
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I had a bit of a challenge figuring out how I would cut both inner aux AV Switch holes, mounting holes, etc. and make them straight and aligned in both sabers, in the grips, and in the coupler latch tube, since the tube will have to be slotted to fit around the aux switches.

This morning I had the bright idea to assemble them both together, and drill all the holes at once (in one vise session anyway)  I plan on using a longer screw for mounting the switchplate here, so it will go down through the grip and into a speaker retaining ring I need to machine. Also seen here is my ill fated attempt at my latch slot. Cut with a dremel, I will clean this cut up with a 1/8 endmill not only where this slot is, but also where the sharpie is.  I will let these be my sound ports.

Using a ball nose mill to ream out a recess for the Aux AV Switch.  This ball nose mill is perfect for the AV Switches, but since these switchplates are slightly tilted from not being flush, I have to lengthen the recess a tad to allow for the tilt.

Fun fact:  The original model just has the inner switches crammed into the mesh.  There's even a gap underneath the mesh where it kind of 'floats' over the narrowest part of the grip.    I plan on cutting away some of the larger diameter ring the end of the switchplate is sitting on, to let the switchplate go more flush against the grip.

One set of struts machined and installed. The other set is mostly done, just not installed. Another hour or two of work and that will be done.

Here we have the heart(s) of the saber. Two Crystal Focus 5.6 soundcards from Erv' over at Plecter Labs. These are the best. The absolute BEST saber soundcards money can buy. Special thanks to Erv' for support and help throughout this project.

Here's the junction between the emitter neck and the grip, note the slot milledout of the bottom of the neck. This will cradle the soundcard, and also let it come further forward toward the emitter than I had planned. This serves a few functions, moving the soundcard further away from the center of gravity will help the motion sensors get a better reading, and will also let me fit the batteries in more efficiently with the larger speakers I am going with. Lots of things have changed since my original plan of the tiny MR Yoda Board and quad AAA battery packs.

Speaking of speakers, the coupler in the middle also serves as my sound chamber. The resonance chamber will be made up behind the speakers, but the two facing speakers need room to make sound and it be vented, and not have them too close together. I am anxious to hear this for the first time, as it's kind of a shot in the dark.

Here's my wire channels that send my switch wires up and over the speaker, and back into the grip. These will be covered by the switch plates, so they don't have to be perfect, I also curved the channels with the mill so the wires would be able to go this route without sharp metal cutting into them.

Batteries got here yesterday, will begin test fitting.

Great Success! Side A wired up, tested!

Side B wired up and cooking! Still playing with the sensitivity settings, as the motion sensors are a bit tough to get right since even though they're close to the emitters, they are still too close to the center of gravity when it's all assembled.


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