Slothfurnace's Mischief - a SWTOR blaster
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Mischief Specs: WEP Luger p08 artillery gas powered airsoft pistol, 1950s vintage weaver K1 scope, vintage Jaeger scope mount, FAL flash hider, custom machined hardware.

This pistol was built as a working concept piece for preproduction for the platinum blaster set Mischief and Anarchy for SWTOR.

When I build weapons for SWTOR, I like to start in the same ways the prop guys from the original trilogy would have. Take a WW1 or WWII era weapon, add some found parts on to it to make it interesting, and move from there.



In-game artwork. Click for large

Sometimes, I like to build a weapon in my garage, in real life before I begin the in-game modeling. I find this lends authenticity to the game model, and helps me make an asset reflect the "Star Wars" look.


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