Stainless Steel Pens and Pencils I Make

I make stainless steel pens and pencils. The first set I made for myself because I was looking for a good heavy drawing pencil.

They take Cross refills for the pen and .5mm Leads for the pencil.

This one I did as a commision, it hold Mont Blanc refills, and has a twist to activate action.

This is my inking stylus I use to ink drawings(below), and a lead holder I did as a commission (above.)

This is a drawing pencil and case I did for a customer. The pencil case is maple and burl walnut, hidden hinges.

This is an order of seven pieces I did over the summer. Five 0.5 mm pencils and two Cross refill twist pens. This pic shows the main barrel of one before I install the pencil mechanics.

And here they are complete.

This is a set of matched ink nib holders for an artist buddy of mine.


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