Slothfurnace's Clamp Circuit Cards - Act Now Before There's Still Time!
This be the store, matey!

For sale, I present to you my personal run of ESB Clamp cards. Painstakingly recreated from photos of vintage HP-44 BUS cards and other era correct circuitboards.

These have the slightly offset thin trace, coming from a rounded transition section, as well as the diagonal traces on the back, leading to round traces.

The original part used... (image courtesy of Parts of Starwars)

$15 SHIPPED if you live in the US, and an extra $5 to cover international shipping.
Below you can order through Paypal, if you are not in the US, order one international shipping, and the rest US if you want multiple.

This is a power level indicator from the TCSS store inside one of their boxes...

The clampcard cut to fit it....

Is a bit translucent when backlit, which is interesting....

This one is with the other side showing, which has not been cut to fit, but shows the backside detail.

Sold Out!





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