Slothfurnace's Master Denolm Orr Lightsaber for ILM/BioWare Disorder trailer
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This is one of the three lightsaber designs I was asked to provide to ILM for our tenth anniversary CG trailer promotion for SWTOR.

Being asked to design lightsaber assets for Industrial Light and Magic was a great honor for me, a high point of my career!
This saber started out as a pile of old flashgun parts, specifically Graflex, Graflite, Canon, Heiland, etc. I wanted to pull from vintage components to build this saber for ILM. Once I had it built in-hand, I then modeled it and painted the 1K texture set.
When it came to the audio, I asked our fantastic audio director to integrate vintage flashbulb pop sounds in the ignition. I think this ended up being some of the best sounds we've offered for a lightsaber in the game.
This was modeled in 3DS MAX, painted in Substance Painter. Concept, model, material and textures, vfx and animation all me.

This saber is a particularly fun challenge for me. I wanted to do another "in real life concept" piece before I modeled it for use for ILM/SWTOR.
Trying for an outside-the-box, aggressive design. Mostly old flashgun parts. Huge thanks to Roman's Props for the Graflex top I chopped and inverted for the grip/pommel section. I wanted to make use of some vintage flash parts I've been keeping in a box for some time.

This started with a pile of vintage parts, and trying to see what new designs I could make out of the same old familiar pieces. One thing I found early on that struck me was the emitter configuration in the bottom left of the photo above. That's a Canon model Y shroud inserted into an aluminum Build your own DIY Lightsaber kit emitter piece my friend Charles gave me. I also wanted to do something interesting with the short Heiland clamp there next to it.

I had to bore out the DIY Saberkit emitter for it to both fit the Canon Model Y Shroud, and for it to attach on to the end of the Graflex slave unit flash head base I planned to mount it to.

I also wanted to use two of the vintage Graflex slave units facing each other, and will need to remove the bunny ears and bore them out to allow them to be attached somehow, making an S curve split across the neck, and I thought it would be interesting to use a Graflex top, and invert it for the pommel, though this means I need to shave the S curve off the back end. I also want to use red buttons in the pin slots, and glass eyes in the red button spots.

At this point I had bored out the slave units, and found a Graflex 2.0 inner core blade holder. I then found that one graflex slave unit could be attached inverted using the same bolt pattern on the blade holder, and fit together with the opposing slave unit, leaving my S curve filled with an interesting ribbed section.

I also found that the graflite switchbox fits nicely between the emitter shroud and the bunny ear tab, so I'll use that for activation and aux. The short Heiland clamp also has been filled with one of my SWC 2020 clamp cards, cut to fit.

Here I am drilling out the back wall of the Graflex slave units to make room for the blade holder.

And a final boring bar process to fit.

And here I am drilling and tapping the sides of the Roman's graflex top so I can mount the TCSS switch boxes

Those switchboxes house a couple of red accent lights and my vintage Graflex red buttons.

More nice red accents in the red wired motorcoil I am using for the mid grip choke.


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