Derelict - Initial concept and parts
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Well, folks, I am in between tasks on my other sabers, waiting on parts and whatnot, so I started poking through my parts bin and found some things I can fiddle with while I am waiting..

So to start with, a sketch -

This should be close to what I am going for. I will have to cut into that oddball graflex (if it is a graflex) top to make it into a rear shroud for the MHS ribbed extension.

This is the pommel, it's an acerocket that I have had for a while. I jumped at the chance to pick up this rare piece, but don't really have the desire to make an AOTC Obi hilt, because that's been done... so I weathered it up and started wearing off the anodization on the lathe.

Here's the oddball graflex top I was referring to. I ended up with this section off ebay for about 20 bucks, and have been holding on to it for a while now, not knowing what I'd do with it.

like this top section because it's beat up, has extra details the normal graflex tops don't have, and it's familiar yet unique.

You can also see the TCSS blade adapter installed. It took a LOT of effort to get that in there, I don't think the "graflex" top I have is in spec, because I had to drive the adapter in there with a hammer and punch. I can get it out the same way if I have to, but I think it's in there good for now.

At this point, I ran across an extra triangle ring from a ROTJ project, and thought I'd install it in one of the pommel cubes.

After flattening one side with a dremel so I could get my drill bit into it without it walking off the slope, I drilled through it with a 1/8 bit.

Here you see the triangle ring installed, I may pass a set screw into it to keep it from wandering back and forth, but keeping it loose enough to hinge.

Here it is with the parts I have so far.

Got my extension in from TCSS today, and testfit. Looks like it's going to work. I will have to trim down the diameter a tad just so it will fit inside the graflex top, and maybe cut down some length. And I will definitely have to beat it up some, it's way too pretty right now.

Right now it's a bit too long, and I haven't cut the shroud into the gflex top, and the control box is just sitting there, but you can see where it's going.


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