6 Tube Nixie Clock - German Z560M - INS-1 Lamps - Katalox Case - Aluminum Bezels - RGB Backlight
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My latest clock commission, a four Z560M tube clock with aluminum bezels in a wenge case, with neon lamps for colon separators and illuminated mode/set buttons.

Backlighting off...

Laser etched control panel in back.

I started with a template made in photoshop, and a good set of machinist squares and my calipers to make sure my holes are in the right spot.

And now some time on the milling machine to drill out the holes for the Nixie tubes and neon lamps I'll use for the colon separators.

A painstakingly long setup on my very cheap, very inaccurate tablesaw results in some decent 45 degree cuts for the box corners.

A test fit, held together with tape, just so I can get a sense of the overall mass and layout of the clock. This one is 3 inches tall by 4 inches deep, and 12 inches long.

cut the backplate.

After cutting a mounting plate out of some scrap aluminum, I'm starting to solder up the nixie wiring harness.




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