The Homage Blade Plug
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As I mentioned on the previous page, there is a Delrin chunk holding the brass Graflex style plunger tip, inside a sleeve of frosted polycarbonate that protects/holds in the strip of NeoPixels that will light up and diffuse light through the polycarbonate.

However, I have a lot of space to cut out of the overall length to get it down to 65mm. To start, I need to shorten my 4-40 rods...

Using a Starrett pin vise here, makes it a lot easier than trying to hold it with my fingers to use my grinder to shorten them to length.

I also decided to reduce the amount of radiator fins to three, and cut them across the halfway point to further mimic my ANH crystal chamber. To do this I measured off the right holes for screws into wood, then secured the plates, and cut and then milled to clean.

Another test fit assembly and I'm almost to length. I need to reduce it a bit more and fabricate the wiring tunnel that goes above the radiator fins.

One more disassembly, and I realize my fins are a bit crooked. I then measure off all my spacer nuts to see if they're consistent...

Aaand they are not. They vary from 1.88mm to 2.04mm, which would account for the deviation from center. To fix that, I'll match each layer in the stack as I reassemble.

65.23mm, and I just need to shave a hair out of it to finish.

And down to proper length, AND with the wire conduit brass tube in place. This is where the wires from the Pixel connector route through the chamber section to get to the pixel strip in the top.

A bit of a test in my Vader's Vault Revan saber...

And all good!

This will go out to the Saber Museum, and I've really enjoyed getting back out into the garage and making this.



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