Derelict - Peitit Crouton - U installation and main LED
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My first pro soundboard.. A petit crouton (unlocked).

The PC-U installed now, with a scrap white LED for now. The sound is much improved over what I am used to. I also love being able to change out the sound files, adjust swing sensitivity, etc.

A shot with the lever and such installed. I'll need to shorten a few screws next, as I've had to put spacers in so the front box screw and the rear grip screw don't push too far into the electronics and whatnot.

Got my recharge port installed finally. Now I can recharge it without disassembling the whole thing every time it runs out of juice. I milled out an inset for it and drilled and tapped it to fit the threads of the port.

I also have found myself a real graflex red button for the bottom switch hole.

I think it looks much more at home than the thing I had on there previously. Also i found a nice section of telescope that fit my one inch diameter blade, and put that in there at the emitter section, to emulate the bulb retainer ring from the "bunny ear" section of the original flashgun.

Still not sure what I want to do with the empty sections in the big round holes on either side of the emitter though.

As for what that red button will do, I'll probably install a tactile switch underneath it, and connect it to the PC, at the aux switch connection. So I can trigger extra sounds with that button.

Gettin' there. Lots to do still.

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