A New Hope Darth Vader Lightsaber - Part 2 - battery case section and the Crystal
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At a certain point, I started working on the battery section. I wanted an exposed power plant area to be visible, but didn't want to sacrifice room for batteries, so I plan to embed the batteries into the power plant. To do this, I'll need to decorate some brass tubing...

... cut it to length for the AAA batteries and blacken the pieces...

And construct the main 3 sided housing. I soldered these together using a Creme Brulee torch and then milled out the curved slots to show the blackened ribbed sections that fit the batteries.

Seen here with greeblies held together with a rubber band, this section will go between sounboard and crystal chamber.

Speaking of crystals, I finally found an appropriate smoky quartz crystal from China.

In a temporary lighting setup, I have some detailing on the LED and with a test power up...

It looks like the crystal will diffuse light well. Two more LEDs and I'll be able to start the chamber lighting array.

Laying out the parts, sizing up what I have, and what I have left to rough in. I will have enough room for what I want to do, I think. This is a Heiland flash gun, with more or less "correct" coin knurling on the endcap. I have a Parks MPP replica coming to actually use for this saber, but I wanted to get some idea of what I have to work with while waiting for that to come in. Also in this pic are four Harddrive motor casings, which I like to work with since they have perfectly spaced holes in them already.

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