A New Hope Darth Vader Lightsaber - Part 6 - Blade plug and Battery Can Layout
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LED string finished for the Vader, testing on the PC-U I have installed in Derelict. At the same voltage output settings, it's a bit more orange than the single Ledengin Deep Red LED I have installed in Derelict. Also more evenly lit. The single LED is brighter at the base, but I think I like the more evenly lit blade the string offers.


This is the outward facing end of the plug. I have machined out a recess for the original bulb stop. Next I will machine the LED array slots.

Here is my jig I set up for drilling my diagonal holes for the LEDs. I can rotate the polycarbonate rod without changing the angle in the vise. This also lets me keep the holes at pretty much the same spot. A big improvement over my other setup, i had inaccurate holes and madly aligned angles.


This is the plug partially machined and hollowed. I'll be machining an aluminum sleeve and case for the din plug next.

Here's the blade plug lit with a test battery pack. I am not sure I want to plug the center yet. It's supposed to have a bolt there, as a bulb contact, but I do like the light coming through the center.

Originally, for this saber, I was going with a 4xAAA battery pack and Hasbro/Master Replicas Yoda soundcard. However, now that I have access to the the Petit Crouton 1.5 unlocked version, I wanted to allow for more soundcard/battery pack options. To do that I hollowed out much more of the rear of the battery can than I originally had done. Seen here are my two 14500 rechargeable Lithium ion batteries, the MicroSD card socket and my recharge port.

At this point I am test fitting components to see how I want them all laid out. There's enough room now in here for the batteries with heat shrink, and soundcard with heat shrink. Also there's room in the back for the speaker, and that leaves the front neck with the slots completely empty, which allows for...

...me to attempt to relocate the MicroSD card to a remote socket, and allow for easy swap of the MicroSD card from the exterior of the can, so the sound font and other settings can be accessed without having to disassemble the saber.

I also slightly countersunk my recharge port, and am test fitting the MicroSD socket to see where it fits best.

I might pass it through one of the slots, like so. However, I might also want to mill a more form-fitting slot below this. It just depends on how things line up. I will most likely machine a nylon or delrin piece for the inside of the neck to insulate and hold the card slot, and aux power switch, and allow for the recharge port.

Behold! The rear of the battery/card can. What you see here is the speaker mount and mainspring. The mainspring I robbed out of the wife's old mop handle she threw out. This spring will push between the MPP battery cap end and the speaker mount shown here to open the saber.

I machined this speaker mount out of a scrap piece of Delrin. I really need to get some new chunks of Delrin, as I am running out. It makes for really awesome speaker mounts and resonance chambers. This is the same type of speaker I used in Derelict.

The mainspring seats on the shoulder of the speaker mount with a nice snap. I left a half inch lip on the back of the mount to go inside the battery can. The battery pack and soundcard have about a 1/4 inch play once it's installed, so it's snug, but not too tight.


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