DL-44 Blaster Build
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This update deals with the scope mounting bracket. I am not going with the "correct" military M19 scope, since I don't have 300 dollars laying around. Therefore, my M38A2 scope, being longer than the M19, needs a longer base bracket for mounting to the Denix Mauser replica. To do this, I rummage through the parts bin and found a couple of these power supply heat sinks out of something I scrapped. Nice thick aluminum, bent at 90 degrees.

After an evening at the milling machine, here's my scope bracket. I have a small hole drilled in the back of the bracket to fit over my hammer pivot screw. I will probably widen this out to something like a 10-32 size for a big thumbscrew. I also need to drill holes for the front mounting bolts.

Here it is from another angle showing some of the curves. I'll probably either replace the mounting screws with something else, or machine some nice thick washers to go between the screws and the bracket.

Here you see the recharge port installed in the handle, I am also using the stock attachment slot in the back of the handle as my soundport, as there are two holes that perfectly vent the sound already drilled in there. Also you see temporary brass hardware and threaded rods keeping things together till I get the proper retaining pins machined. Also some wandering electrical tape on one grip side.

Here's the view through the scope. I hadn't realized till I took a pic that the reticule is inverted. I can't tell when I look through it, so I don't think I'll crack it open and flip it around.

I'll get that bracket anodized black at some point, and it's a pretty far departure from anything screen used, but I think it will work, especially since the scope is so much longer than an M19. Not shown is the speaker channel cavity I milled out of the grip panel installed on the left side of the handle, and the wiring channel I had to cut UNDER the hammer and sear and to the side of the trigger to pass speaker and recharge port wiring so as to keep the original hammer and trigger action.

So here's my rear scope bracket mount solution. I removed the stock hammer pivot pin, and machined a new one out of a piece of scrap 1/4 x 20 rod. I threaded the scope side for 1/4 x 20, and machined the rod down to fit the hammer, then smaller to fit the other side of the reciever. It goes from 1/4 x 20 to a bit bigger than 1/8 (to take some slack out of the hammer) and down to 1/8 to go into the other side of the reciever.

Where it comes through the scope bracket, I found some knurled thumbnuts that fit 1/4 x 20. I have a bunch of different ones, but this one is on here for now, and looks fine. Next up, finding a spot in the front of the bracket for mounting screws that doesn't interfere with the soundboard and wiring.

Here it is assembled with the first blaster I ever made. I was 8 I think, not too bad, I suppose.

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