The Return Of The Jedi Luke Skywalker V2 Lightsaber - Part 1 - The
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A Return Of The Jedi Luke V2 Saber, with spring-loaded crystal chamber reveal, thin neck, and detachable blade.

Eh, might as well start posting some of this, Thanks to Erv for letting me test out the new features on the CFLS, this will be a springloaded chamber reveal based on the recent Russrep V2 run.

Ah, two packages arrived today for a future project. The saber I am building after this current commission is not secret... it will be a ROTJ Luke V2 Epic Reveal. And while I haven't started on it because I am in the design stages of the 2013-2014 commission, I won't pass up a deal on green quartz and a new prototype CFv6.5 LS... I think I'll be using one of the two crystals on the far left.

Here's the crystal I will probably use. A green Quartz,, one I picked out of a stack I got in the other day.

Here I am drilling out the pommel in preparation for boring it out to fit the CFLS.

Note that there was enough room to still retain the threads, though I might ditch those soon anyway in favor of more customized internal frame.

Here I am milling the bolt recesses in my chamber retainer plate. This plate will keep the grip and emitter from flying off the chamber under spring pressure.

The angle matches the internal angle I machined into the stock clamp section after I did away with that set of threads. I also bored out the grip section a lot, and polished it so the reveal would be smooth.

The chamber will be machined and milled out from this solid rod, there's a step at the end of the rod that stops at the retainer plate.

So yeah, imagine some kind of milled chamber there where the rod is.


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