The Return Of The Jedi Luke Skywalker V2 Lightsaber - Part 6 - Tailcap Ports
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So I had kind of run out of exterior room for the recharge port, I had loosely planned to have it in one spot, but at this point that spot was taken up by something else, so I had to figure out a place to put the recharge port. Up till now, I had always used the 2.1mm recharge ports, but I had no room for that style in this saber. I decided to go with one of the 1.3mm recharge ports to save room, but I still had to find a spot for it.

I chose the tailcap because there was probably room for it, and it was where all the rest of the external plugs are.

The installation of the mini recharge port will go here in the top section of the tailcap, hidden behind the tailcap cover. That thing is really small, so I have to be very careful to cut my metal accurately.

I actually couldn't see the peg very well, so I used the macro setting on my camera to determine correct placement. I positioned the bit over the peg, and checked with the camera on X and Y axis till I thought I was centered, then removed the jack, and drilled the hole. Then I just moved over the appropriate amount and drilled the second hole, then a channel for the wires to pass through.

A larger drill bit is used to bevel the edge, and now time for a test fit. This is, "a moment of truth."

Perfectly placed, concentric, and snug. I'd say this is a perfect fit.

CFLS installed with MicroSD card positioned in the slot. I had to do some creative machining on the inside of my card can to get the wires all passed through, but the layout works.

Shown here with R.I.C.E. USB Plug inserted and the 1.3mm recharge plug inserted. Also with the MicroSD card ejected to test for "grab-ability"



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