The Return Of The Jedi Luke Skywalker V2 Lightsaber - Part 3 - Reveal Latch and Blade Holder
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Running some lighting tests, got the crystal mount almost done, routed some brass and copper pipe...

Gonna need to straighten and clean and polish a bunch of it before I am done, it's looking kind of rough in there.

There's a lever between the clamp bars, in the natural gap of a graflex clamp that pivots on the clamp lever bolt. The spring is under the back of the lever, towards my thumb, and it pushes the lever up when the chamber is closed.  That spring sits inside a 8-32 threaded hole, with a short setscrew at the bottom.  If my latch needs to be tighter or looser, I can adjust that set screw and change the spring pressure on the latch lever.

The lever's actually much more tucked away compared to the obi, no accidental releases

Replaced the central tubing, drilled for a setscrew to hold the crystal mount down underneath the piping, milled a bit for the front tubes to fit better.  Will polish and clean all this up once I get them all fit correctly.

Also drilled for some extra brass and spring details...

Will mill out the battery compartment next I suppose.

Tonight I spent time after work duplicating the emitter head, with edits to account for a blade, and an extended plug area at the grip end...

Not sure if I want to put that recessed ring in there on the emitter face or not.

Shown here with outer polycarb tube only.  The inner diffuser will be shortened a bit, and fit in that stepped ring.  I'll hollow it out further to accept the base of my blade string.

I might need to remake it though, and remake the non bladed one as well.  Not only to get rid of the weird emitter face step, but also due to the fact that Russ didn't make the threading standardized. 

I got close, it's almost m13x1.25, but not quite.  And I might just make both heads from scratch so I can make sure I have enough to work with for the DIN plug section.

Also, Katie got me a minecraft redstone, woot!

-edit: Yep, I have about decided to remake the non bladed and bladed sections.  Bore out the threads on the grip, and set for a keyway or setscrew, so I can just do away with the shoddy threading and secure it rotation wise so the DIN plugs will line up

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