The New Hope Obi Wan Kenobi Reveal Lightsaber
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Just posting this thread so I don't forget to think about designing this thing. The ANH Obi Springloaded chamber reveal saber is my "holy grail" saber. Everything leading up to this has been practice to me.  This one could take years, but it's shelved for now for "thinking time"

I plan (hope) to make this one a twist pommel springloaded chamber reveal... somehow. It will take a LOT of engineering to make this thing in my garage with my limited tooling...

Oh hello! What can this be? Plecter Labs? Oh this will be fun!

A nice postcard and note from Erv, and a gift for my newborn daughter Samantha. Thanks so much, Erv!

Also a nice bundle of wires, a connector, and....

A Crystal Focus v5 LS version! This will the be the heart and soul of my ANH Obi chamber reveal saber.

GORGEOUS! I cannot wait to get out in the garage to begin the housing for this. I have to clear a couple things off my plate first though, but this one has my juices flowing!

One evening I decided to get sketching, pulled out my stack of designs and started focusing on this saber.

The soundcard pictured is a PC-U, just for size reference. The Crystal Focus is about the same size.

Here you can see where I bored out the Russrep aluminum ANM2 Booster section, to fit my soundcard and battery canister rear tube.

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