The New Hope Obi Wan Kenobi Weathered Lightsaber
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After a few cycles through the chemical and knocking the gunk off that is generated, a nice dark blue is left. I need to let this rust a bit, but it's well on the way to matching my other saber.

Afterwards I will weather and darken the windvane, right now it's too pristine.

Next up is the emitter section. I have two complete emitters to work with, and I chose the unweathered cleaner outer section to go with. This will be easier to clean up and then hit with the Super Blue for darkening.

After using the same process from the grenade on the emitter, I chuck it up in the lathe and use some extra fine sandpaper to clean it back down, leaving nice darkened weathering in the crevices.

I left more darkened blued finish on the inside emitter section.

I still may need to work on this area, as it's not quite as close to my other saber as I'd like.

Also the windvane brass black didn't take hold quite as well as the other saber. I might have to break it down again and redo that part, but it will work for now.

Much closer to my first saber. I still need to add some rust and tweak some values, but I think it's much closer now. The next challenge is hiding the on off switch, and to hide a speaker volume knob someplace. Probably use one of the transistors as a volume control.
I am also still awaiting my pommel from Russ.

New pic, better lighting, still wondering about how to do my on off switch.

Well, it's the weekend, and I have had a bit of time to work on this saber.
This post, we look at the switch.

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