The New Hope Luke Skywalker Graflex Lightsaber
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Now for the radiator line holes. This, again was drilled out on the drill press.

I had a devil of a time hollowing them out on the inside, to make a C.. I will probably revisit that inside contour, as I am not quite satisfied with it. Also, after drilling, I sandpapered each section to remove any flash or sharp edges from drilling.

Here we are assembled and test fit. I am again using brass guitar string ends for spacing, and scrap brass rod from a broken clock to run through the sections.

Here's where I need to work on the inside contour... I am not quite happy with that yet, I will hollow it out a bit, and add some interesting details in there.

A closeup of the radiator section, shows my first bend. I will bend the rest of the rod around like that to make it look like tubing that needs to be cooled,,, or heated, or whatever.

And another shot of the crystal. After assembling this, I think I will lower the placement of the radiator a bit to overlap with the crystal some. The radiator ended up being a bit longer than what I had in my original sketches, but I think it's fine.

I machined a canister for my batteries and soundboard. Then I needed a fore end cap, so I turned down one of the harddrive motor mounts on my lathe, and set it so I could drill and tap for screws to seal it off.

I like the inset motor coils against the black paint of the motor mount cap. Here, I have threaded for 6-32 stainless cap screws, to hold it together.

I also took one of the hard drive platter spacers, and meticulously and tediously wrapped it in copper, for my front lens. I figured, a magnetic lens would work as well as an optical one. And I like the contrast of the copper vs the brass and chrome look.

It fits just fine in the graflex, I left the main support rods long so I can cut them down once my blade adapter arrives, but I have tape about where I estimate the adapter stops. I will fidget with the spacing a bit once I get the adapter, but I think it's really coming together.

I like how it lights up, but I may want to move the LED back inside the collar... I think it's too bright in the wrong spot.

I am loving the colors here, the yellow brass against the blue crystal is a great contrast. I do however, think that the radiator fins are a bit wobbly. I will have to fix the uneven spacing on that somehow.

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