The New Hope Luke Skywalker Graflex Lightsaber
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Here I have crimped it, and sanded on it a bit, and made sure the clamp has the amount of play in it I want for the D ring.

A little more metal removed and sanded to fit the shape of the inner bevel of the graflex endcap.

And here is the final contour and hole drilled for my stainless cap hex screw. This screw I had to shorten quite a bit so that when it's all mounted, my chassis still slides all the way to the back of the Graflex end.

After CAREFULLY drilling and tapping the Graflex endplate, this is it all put together. It's not 100% perfect, but I am very close, and satisfied for now. I am in a bit of a rush to finish this for Celebration V, and I hope to have it with me when I go.

Oh, that trick I had up my sleeve?

I drilled out the cap screw.

There's just enough purchase left for the hex wrench, and now this is my sound port. Without it, my sound is half as loud. I wanted to have a sound port back here, but I didn't want to impact the visual authenticity of the saber.

Ok, so I got my lights wired...

I do notice one problem, even when the unit is off, I get a small voltage coming through the board and out to the LEDs.

The kicker? when I plug my kill switch into the recharge port, all the LEDs come on hot.

What in the world could be causing that? Well, While I wait to figure that out, here's a final update for the night...

I got my grips, and decided to put them on tonight as a break from looking at wires...

I made a template in photoshop and printed it out, wrapped it around the hilt, and pulled back the last half inch of tape from each grip, and secured them on one at a time. Once I got them evenly spaced, I slid my template down to the bottom, and gently raised each grip and pulled the adhesive protector down with needlenose pliers. Once I carefully aligned the grip, I moved on to the next one until I got all seven straight.

Next to it you see the correct bubblestrip, but I will shave that down a bit tomorrow and install it.

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