The New Hope Luke Skywalker Graflex Lightsaber
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Now I need to turn 16 brass 6-32 nuts down to cylinders. You'll see why in a minute, but it's to further remove unsightly non-custom parts from the chassis.

These are almost the right diameter, don't think I need to shave them down any further.

And this is why I need them! I will thread them in between the plates of my radiator. I needed to do this for a couple reasons. Mainly to make more rigid my radiator, as it was a bit floppy when installed because the way it went together meant I couldn't tighten it down. The other reason is, again, to hide the unsightly threaded rod.

MUCH better, I'd say. my three support posts now match aesthetically, and are more functional to tighten things down so nothing moves.

I will polish up a few pieces and re-assemble the radiator. Yes, it will be much more tedious this way, but it's worth it. Also, the with of the brass cylinders is just a hair thinner than the width of the brass guitar string bead ends, so I may leave those out, but I haven't decided.

Well, tonight I thought I'd tackle the speaker chamber, and found some Delrin to make the speaker retainer rings out of. Normally I would have plenty of pics of the "making of," but my camera battery was dying so I only have a few of the "after making." You see here the temp speaker, and a speaker grille I found out of an old radar detector

The delrin rings kind of sandwich the speaker and the grille together, and the outer shell of aluminum holds everything snug. I'll eventually put a set screw in the rear ring to keep it all tight.

The smaller diameter lip of the aluminum cap also secures my battery pack inside the battery can.

I might need to shave a little off for length though, I need to make up about a quarter of an inch someplace so it all fits in when collapsed.

This is how I hope it turns out, a quick sketch to see if I like it before I head towards the finish line...

Last night, I decided to work on my switch, the obvious place to put it is in the red button, but how? The switch the graflex shop sent that "supposedly" fits under the red button is way too thick to fit there... what to do?

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